Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lost for Motivation;

The last few days have been fairly great, productivity-wise. Lately I just haven't been able to allow myself to sit still very long. There's so much to do, I don't know why I didn't see it sooner. I guess I just thought, "Hey I have plenty of time left." Wrong. So wrong. I have so much to do, just in the next year or two. If I would have started this two years ago I'd be done by now. Oh well. We all make mistakes.

I've been so intent on keeping myself busy, that it's causing a lot of pain. There hasn't been a single day this week where my back hasn't hurt like hell, but I'm suffering through it. I have to teach myself to ignore the pain, and just do what I need to do. There are so many things I have to do, I'm almost going insane from it all.

Study, find a job, GED, my own apartment, college, license, car. In that specific order. Crap.

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