Monday, March 26, 2012

They Say That Things Change;

Everything around me is moving at a faster pace than I am. I'm doing my best to keep up but I feel like I'm dragging people behind. Two of my best friends just moved into their own apartment, one of them has a job that he loves, and she's even going out looking for one. What am I doing? Slacking off at the job I have now; Even if it is a small one, that's still not something I should be doing. So now it's time to stop.

I won't say I'm going to try. I won't say I can't do it, because I know I can. I've held out for this long, why back out now? This job has already opened up quite a few possibilities for me, emotionally more than anything. I honestly feel better than I have in months lately, (minus the time I spent being sick, that kind of messed things up a bit) and I'm going to do whatever it takes to continue the path I'm on now.

There's more than one reason I'm finally buckling down, one of which is the trip to Japan I plan to make before I'm 30. The other one, well, that one's still just something I'm debating on. I already feel like I've decided but I really wanna do more research and give it more thought before I make a solid decision. Now, if you don't mind me, I've got some sleep to catch up on.

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